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American Express nominates Underwater Dogs

Watch the Underwater Dogs Haircare Company featuring on a new Australian television program, 'Marketing Matters' airing on SKY News Business.

Host, Peter Applebaum, takes a candid look into the Underwater Dogs world, a new/small business starting from scratch. Episode 3, aptly named... 'Starting Something From Nothing.'  Proudly nominated by American Express, as their new/small business choice for this program.

Watch here...



seth casteel partners uwdogs

Seth Casteel Partners with UWDOGS

Seth Casteel, world renown Underwater Dogs Photographer has a strong affiliation with dogs, and water. One of the reasons why the award-winning Photographer and New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, and Underwater Puppies fame, teamed up with the crew from UWDOGS. 

"I am honoured to be a part of the Underwater Dogs hair care journey. When approached by UWDOGS from Australia, I was instantly curious and captivated by the Company and its vision. Our brands sit nicely together and I was impressed with its humour, its professionalism and love for dogs everywhere." 

What could be better than uniting wet dogs with professional hair care products? 

UWDOGS...we care for dirty dogs!


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UNDERWATER DOGS Haircare for Dogs

Haircare for Dogs

Underwater Dogs promise you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block. A scientifically researched, professionally formulated range of Superior Haircare Products, soap-free, paragon-free and pH balanced especially for your Dog.

An all Australian Haircare Company for Dogs, producing professional shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers backed by the UWDOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We care for dirty dogs!

Our Customers

OMG this stuff is great!

Bruce and Betty smell amazing and look all shiny. pH balanced as well. Super impressed!




uwdogs, underwater dogs, testimonials, bruce & betty

Hey UWDOGS, my name’s Milo!

Underwater Dogs, doggy shampoo is unbelievable…just look at Milo! Gleaming…so impressed with this new product line, does all that it claims to.

Caroline, Lake Bathurst Australia

uwdogs, underwater dogs, shampoo, testimonials, milo

Sadie loves her Underwater Dogs showers!

And we love them just as much as her, the smell is so fresh and reminds us of summer vacation!

“I purposely roll in da mud so my dad has to wash me wif Underwater Dogs stuffs, it smells dericious!”

Sadie & Rebecca @sadiethestaffy Sydney Australia 

uwdogs, underwater dogs, testimonials, sadie

Hi Underwater Dogs, My name is Banjo and I’m a 3 year old spoilt little boy, but I’m amazingly smart! I broke my leg, both ulna and radius as a puppy and now suffer with arthritis in my elbow, but I’m tough and brave, and my Mum loves me heaps. My skin used to dry out a lot and my hair was not too shiny, but since I’ve been using Underwater Dogs shampoo & conditioner, my coat and skin have never looked better. So handsome in my UWDOGS Tie too! Thank you so much for selling me your products. I’ve never smelt so yummy and have introduced a family friend to your products.
 ?Banjo & Charlotte, Sydney Australia

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