Out on the Town with Paws & Co

It was fun galore at the Pug & Frenchie Day hosted by Paws & Co…and Underwater Dogs was there!

It was cold and wet, but we were out on the town with 14 Pugs and Frenchie’s!

Paws & Co of Crown Street, Darlinghurst host their highly regarded Pug & Frenchie Day once a month. It’s organised mayhem as the personality plus canines are assembled in the Day Care section of this Eastern Suburbs Pet Shop/Groomer.

We thought the weather would keep them away, says Adriana (Co-Owner of Paws & Co)

Not the case!

It’s like dying and going to Pug & Frenchie heaven, and the Paws & Co crew having built a massive following.

These gorgeous little critters are purpose built for City-living; so why wouldn’t you book a monthly Spa-Date with Paws & Co for your little fella!

Each dog donned a beautiful warm coat (complimentary), and once gathered toasty warm and completely loved-up, the team was ready to rumble. Known all by name to the Paws & Co Team, it was just ‘pawsome‘ to a be a part of this once-a-month canine adventure. 

With 14 wee charges in tow, the Team sets out on a midday walk. Stretching some legs more than others…they took in William Street and the beautiful Cook & Phillip Parks.

The Dog’s were able to walk, trot, run and rest; and quite a bit of play involved as well. Mainly those unable to keep their minds on the task at hand; but of course, they shall remain nameless!

When the kids returned safely to the pet store, there were more treats a foot. These beautiful fems and fella’s know exactly how to behave when there’s goodies on tap!

paws & co_paw4friends_underwater dogs_shampoo_haircare for dogs_sydney

But it didn’t end there.

Without sign of a snooze on the horizon, every dog received a bath with beautiful Underwater Dogs haircare products.

Muddy paws no more my friend. The parentals will all have snugglable, coconut-ice-delicious smelling puppies to take home at the end of the day. [Bath-time shots to be posted in Part 2 of our Paws & Co Blog]

Thank you to Adriana, and her wonderful Paws & Co Team. Lots of laughs and plenty of bath-time schnanigans. 

Watch this space if you’re a Pug or Frenchie Fan! 

About Us:

We’re Underwater Dogs.

Professionally formulated, soap-free, paraben-free and pH balanced haircare for your dog, and we promise you the cleanest, softest, most delicious smelling dog on the block.

Now at Paws & Co, Crown Street Darlinghurst Sydney. And we’re really happy with that!

Note* To Book your Pug or Frenchie in for a Day Spa Treat with the Paws & Co Team
Call Adriana on 0478 196 515 
Shop: Paws & Co – 105 Crown Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010  
#paw4friends @paw4friends

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