Wash my dog, no way! How often should I do that?

Wash my dog…are you serious?

UWDOGS Bath-time Tips

For every human who’s saying, “Wash your dog every month,” there’ll be one who says, “I wash my dog every week.” There’ll also be those of you who say, “You shouldn’t wash your dog at all.”

At UWDOGS we think that’s kinda’ sad for both you and your pal, coz’ if you’re not washing your dog on a regular basis (apart from them being dirty and smelling like dead possum), you’re both missing out on some seriously-good bonding time. 

We understand that depending on your dog’s breed, he or she may not actually need a bath. Farm dogs like Kelpie’s or other Sheep Dog varieties have super oily skins protecting them from the extremes of the outdoors – hot and cold. Do make note though, that every dog is different and we have had many a Kelpie X come to us with angry red rashes who have benefitted 100% from both a shampooing and conditioning treatment.

In essence, dogs play hard and dogs get dirty. We like to roll in anything dead and pee on anything that’s already been peed on. Swim in the ocean and dig up your garden. Eat greasy bones and without doubt, love to roll in anything rotten. Then, we wanna get into bed with you.

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“Some of us need washing more often than others!” @mydogstink Florida, USA

So how often Should I wash my Dog?

If you love your dog, and want to build a relationship that goes beyond the general day to day larking about, then bath-time is where it’s at

To connect with your buddy just add warm water, professionally formulated soap-free and pH balanced moisturizing Underwater Dogs shampoo.

Then give a jolly good massage. 

It’s also best to use a conditioning treatment, because just like your own beauty routine, conditioner detangles and locks in moisture giving your scalp the added benefits of conditioning agents which combat dry and flaky skin (i.e. dandruff).

A professionally formulated dog conditioner locks in moisture, helping with tangles and matted coats conditioning both hair and skin.

Who wouldn’t want that ultimate, snug-able, ‘sleep-with-me…oh I thought you’d never ask,’ softness and shine. Never mind that they’ll smell good enough to eat!

The trick is…

USE a great Shampoo and Conditioner made especially for dogs!

NEVER use shampoo or conditioner made for Human’s, OR the hand-soap, OR the dish-washing detergent.

The pH is markedly different, therefore all the care in the world plus YOUR favourite haircare product just ain’t gonna cut it.

Your dog’s acid mantle will be stripped of its natural oils and the skin will in time (if not immediately), itch like Hades.

So do your pooch a favour and use a superior soap-free and pH balanced shampoo and conditioner made especially for dogs…like Underwater Dogs.

They’ll gain all the benefits of scientifically researched and developed formulas that will take care of their well-being and give back to you ten-fold.

Nothing like a clean, happy, delicious smelling pup.

Then be prepared for them to go back outside and roll in something messy…coz’ that’s what they do!

Why Underwater Dogs haircare products?
We’re a brand new, superior haircare range that promises you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block!

Underwater Dogs SHAMPOO gives a thorough clean while remaining gentle on your dog’s skin; while our CONDITIONER moisturizes and revitalizes your dog’s beautiful coat, creating protective barriers that lock in moisture.

NO-KNOTS A serious detangler and deodorizer for coats that need extra help and perfect for that in-between time when re-conditioning and smelling great is the order of the day (suitable for long-haired breeds).

GLOSS A silicone based shine, and deodorizer…feels like silk and gives long-lasting protection that leaves your dog’s coat looking and smelling good enough to eat. (suitable for all, especially short-haired breeds). Please note: Underwater Dogs 

Puppy Shampoo, (extra mild formulation) is available for your little fella or for those who have extra dry, sensitive, itchy or allergy-prone skin. (we recommend for all those canines with extra-sensitive skin). Fragrances are a “Summer Delight” delicious gelato-cocktails of yummy coconut, vanilla, mandarin, and pineapple. Good enough to eat…there’s nothing quite like it!

So how often should I wash my dog?

Well, we’d be making extra special time for your special pal on a regular basis…whatever this means for you.

All Underwater Dogs products come with the Ralphie J Cocker
“Pawprint of Approval.” At UWDOGS we stand by our professional formula offering our 100% Money Back Guarantee on all our products.



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We care for dirty dogs!

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