Is your dog SMELLING a little on the NOSE?

Smelly dog in the house?

Whether it’s those long dog dayz of Summer, or the harsh outdoor conditions of Winter, your dog is probably starting to sport a little doggie-odour that just isn’t socially acceptable. Now we know THEY don’t mind smelling a little woofy, but hang on a minute…

Yep, we get it!

With no time to bath your dog, let Underwater Dogs Gloss Shine Deodoriser 
take away that doggie-smell!

Gloss is a professional salon formula, spray shine & deodoriser in-one. 
Feels like silk and gives long-lasting protection to your dog’s coat.

Like it’s name, Gloss gives the ultimate in shine and smells absolutely delicious. 
Just like a Pina Colada, our delicious Pineapple & Coconut fragrance will take you away…
Perfect for those in-between bath times. 

Gloss comes in a 125mL Spray Atomiser, so why not get one for the Glove Box too!

Underwater Dogs Deodorizing Special

Get 20% OFF every purchase of GLOSS Shine Deodoriser

Normally $19.95 – NOW $15.96

Secretly…they’ll love you for it!
Here’s what one of our customers had to say about GLOSS

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 Coupon Code: smellydog


Underwater Dogs, are passionate about great skin and hair health.
Coz’ we care for dirty dogs.

Please Note* Postage & Handling Extra

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