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Hi Underwater Dogs!

We have a very fluffy puppy, and she's smells really good. I just love the difference Underwater Dogs makes on her chest curls. (makes them super fluffy)! The comb I must say I am using EVERY day too, as it gets that excess fluff out that catches in her fur. We're loving this product!

Melissa & Summer, Mt Annan, NSW


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Thank you so much Underwater Dogs for giving me back my sleep; peace of mind, but most importantly a beautiful smelling shih tzu called Misty.

From the day I got her, she was an itchy, scratchy pup and I despaired of ever sleeping through the night again. The shampoo is amazing. It smells so fresh; lathers well and is so kind to her skin and my hands. From the first bath, her skin has settled. She has stopped itching and smells divine! I had tried just about every product available, including tablets and medicated products from the vet, but after using both Underwater Dogs shampoo and conditioner, her fur became soft, thick and boofy. She is so happy and has got her ‘pup’ back. Thank you for a fabulous product!

Jennie & Misty Dural NSW


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Hi this is Roxy!

I just love this product, it leaves Roxy smelling SO good! Whenever she gets washed elsewhere (ie. groomers or after boarding) the kids say she smells ‘weird,’ and I have to fix her with Underwater Dogs!

Amy, Sydney Australia


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This is my beautiful girl Bella!

Bella gets so excited when she sees her weekly bath getting ready (true story). She really enjoys having the conditioner massaged into her and gets many compliments about her lovely soft coat. She has never had any itches or skin problems while using Underwater Dogs. Thank you UWDOGS...we would not consider using any other product.

Trish from Edmonton, Queensland Australia

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Hi! I'm a local dog groomer in Lakeland, Florida. I gave Underwater Dogs a shot, and I never thought it would become my all time favorite product line for canine hair care! Not only does the shampoo and conditioner make the coat shiny, soft and manageable, it also helps with skin issues that a LOT of my clients face! I have a specific client who chews her fur out constantly, and ever since I've introduced this product, the itching has stopped. She doesn't chew herself anymore and her hair is growing back for the first time in a LONG time!

Thank you Underwater Dogs for helping me make my customers happy and coming back for more!
Cheyenne & Dexter, Cheyenne's Pet Services, Lakeland Florida USA

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Hi Underwater Dogs,

This is my beautiful Bailey after her very first Underwater Dogs bath :-D. She smells amazing. This stuff is really awesome!!!!

Jayne, Seattle Washington USA

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Hi Underwater Dogs, My name is Banjo and I'm a 3 year old spoilt little boy, but I'm amazingly smart! I broke my leg, both ulna and radius as a puppy and now suffer with arthritis in my elbow, but I'm tough and brave, and my Mum loves me heaps. My skin used to dry out a lot and my hair was not too shiny, but since I've been using Underwater Dogs shampoo & conditioner, my coat and skin have never looked better. So handsome in my UWDOGS Tie too! Thank you so much for selling me your products. I've never smelt so yummy and have introduced a family friend to your products.
 ?Banjo & Charlotte, Sydney Australia

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Hi there Underwater Dogs,

My Mum entered your Competition and we won. Check out my big smile!

Now to be honest, I'm a really fussy dog...and my Mum will only use the best, so there was a lot of interest in your products when they arrived. The shampoo and conditioner smell so delicious, and my coat is extra soft and shiny.

But my Mum's absolute favourite is the No-Knots Detangler. It makes brushing me really easy. Anything to make my Mum happy. Thanks UWDOGS!  

Toby and Ev, Turramurra

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UWDOGS Star July 2016

Hi there, Bentley here!
Just wanted to say a BIG hello to everyone at Underwater Dogs! Even though it's been a bit chilly, I haven't been able to stay out of the water (must be my Irish blood!). I love nothing more than going for a swim at the park then coming home for a warm bath with my UWDOGS Shampoo & Conditioner. I just love smelling like a coconut, and my parents love it too!
Love Bentley QLD

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Ollie & Cooper

UWDOGS Star June 2016

The Boyz were just so excited to try their new Underwater Dogs Products! (especially Ollie). Our boys smelt amazing after their first bath using your great products and their fur was sooo soft!
Thank you so much, we love them!
#butterfly8031, Melbourne VIC


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Bernard & Kayah

UWDOGS Star April 2016

Hi Guys, this is Bernard & Kayah.
We just bathed our woofers with your fantastic products, they both look, feel and smell so clean. Thank you so much Underwater Dogs. Awesome stuff!  PS B&K are pure-breed Labs, brother and sister, and we're very proud dog-parents.
Craig, Palmerston North, New Zealand

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UWDOGS Dogstar March 2016

This is Milo. 
Underwater Dogs doggy shampoo is unbelievable, just look at Milo!
Milo is mostly out and about on the farm; in and out of the dam and usually smells like sheep poo. But not anymore thank heavens, it's almost Winter and he's got his eye on his usual spot by the fireplace. He's absolutely gleaming, thanks uwdogs!
Caroline, Lake Bathurst, NSW

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