Uniting Welfare Dogs  – One dog helping another

UWDOGS is an all Australian start-up company delivering superior haircare products, for dog lovers everywhere. The product range carries the Underwater Dogs name, and promises you the cleanest, softest & most delicious smelling dog on the block. The business stems from an innovative and inspirational background, supported with passion and commitment.

As a Canine Company with a Conscience, we have chosen to aid in the support and rehabilitation of the many thousands of dogs in need, wherever they may be. We aim to align ourselves with animal welfare organisations around the globe, an opportunity to do many wonderful and supportive things for dogs everywhere.

Through the formation of UWDogAID, UWDOGS pledge to give back via partnered welfare leagues around the world. Donations based on sales made from all Underwater Dogs haircare products, allowing UWDogAID to give dogs everywhere a second chance.

With every Underwater Dogs product you buy, you help give back to dogs in need. Once an established affiliation is confirmed in your region your purchase will give back directly to your country, possibly your neighbourhood and the Team at UWDOGS thank you for aiding welfare dogs everywhere.

If you have a re-homed canine that enjoys the luxuries of love and attention within their uwdogaid-logo-500sqnew family, send us their story. We’d love to let people around the world share their journey. To raise awareness around the globe we must unite, so don’t be bashful. Send your story to dogaid@uwdogs.com

We love dogs, and think every dog deserves Underwater Dogs. Our passion to help dogs in their rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming is unparalleled. We’d love to know how we can help in your backyard. So if UWDogAID hasn’t partnered with an animal welfare organisation in your neighbourhood, let us know coz we wanna help.

Because we care for dirty dogs!

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