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Underwater Dogs promise you the cleanest, softest most delicious smelling dog on the block. A scientifically researched, professionally formulated range of Superior Haircare Products, soap-free, paraben-free and pH balanced especially for your Dog.

An all Australian Haircare Company for Dogs, producing professional shampoos, conditioners and deodorisers backed by the UWDOGS 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We care for dirty dogs!

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Attention Aussie Dogs!

As 2018 Top Dog Film Festival Partner, Underwater Dogs has 5 x Double Passes to GIVEAWAY to a screening near YOU!
Meet dogs from all walks of life, from the wild world of the wolf to the primed and pampered pooches of the dog grooming world. The pull on your heartstring is guaranteed to be strong. Meet 4 legged heroes, unbreakable bonds and canine companions that enrich the lives of all those they encounter. Winners drawn Wed 4 July.

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Seth Casteel Partners with UWDOGS

Seth Casteel, world renown Underwater Dogs Photographer has a strong affiliation with dogs, and water. One of the reasons why the award-winning Photographer and New York Times Best Selling Author of Underwater Dogs, and Underwater Puppies fame, teamed up with the crew from UWDOGS. 

"I am honoured to be a part of the Underwater Dogs hair care journey. When approached by UWDOGS from Australia, I was instantly curious and captivated by the Company and its vision. Our brands sit nicely together and I was impressed with its humour, its professionalism and love for dogs everywhere." 

What could be better than uniting wet dogs with professional hair care products? 

UWDOGS...we care for dirty dogs!


Our Customers

Now, don’t get us wrong Bella’s amazing. She’s our beautiful number 4 sibling. A bit ruff around the edges but she’s got the kindest heart,. When it comes to her wash, rinse and repeat protocol she’s demanding… her Poodle x Cocker Spaniel pedigree gives her an edge beach babe look…this is great for a lie around the house, but for a day in the park it doesn’t look so great! Since using UNDERWATER DOGS Shampoo and Conditioner, Bella’s hair has gone from an unruly disaster, to so soft, shiny and so so fab. Thanks UWDOGS!

Meg, Bec & George, Turramurra, Australia

Thank you so much Underwater Dogs for giving me back my sleep; peace of mind, but most importantly a beautiful smelling shih tzu called Misty.

From the day I got her, she was an itchy, scratchy pup and I despaired of ever sleeping through the night again. The shampoo is amazing. It smells so fresh; lathers well and is so kind to her skin and my hands. From the first bath, her skin has settled. She has stopped itching and smells divine! I had tried just about every product available, including tablets and medicated products from the vet, but after using both Underwater Dogs shampoo and conditioner, her fur became soft, thick and boofy. She is so happy and has got her ‘pup’ back. Thank you for a fabulous product!

Jennie & Misty Dural NSW


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 “I was really happy with how well the hair dried, not only did it look extremely fluffy and clean, but Hansel’s coat was super soft too. Cuddles with him are much more enjoyable when he smells so good. The scent is amazing too!” 

TV Presenter, Animal Advocate & Founder of Pound Paws (Sydney, Australia)

Hi Underwater Dogs!

We have a very fluffy puppy, and she’s smells really good. I just love the difference Underwater Dogs makes on her chest curls. (makes them super fluffy)! The comb I must say I am using EVERY day too, as it gets that excess fluff out that catches in her fur. We’re loving this product!

Melissa & Summer, Mt Annan, NSW


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